2023 Rome (ACU Campus) Annual Seminar




Rethinking (and Rebuilding) Trust in Contemporary Societies

20-25 August 2023

Australian Catholic University – Rome Campus

In-person and online event






Contemporary societies experience a widespread crisis of trust. Political, economic, scientific, educational, and religious institutions are increasingly affected by it. The protests against the vaccination for Covid-19, the abstention on the occasion of general and local elections, the increasingly widespread questioning of the opinion of the experts, the growing fortune of the various conspiracy theories, the polarization in the Church and in society, are just some symptoms of a transversal and radical crisis, potentially capable of undermining the very foundations of civil coexistence. Individual and collective existences are based, in fact, on trust. The Seminar will deal with questions like the following: What is trust? What does it mean to trust somebody at a personal or social level? How to rebuild trust?


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The recordings of the presentations are available below.


*** Introduction ***


Philip Parker (ACU)

Opening Greetings


Stefano Biancu (LUMSA)

The Adventures of Trust, Confidence and Reliability – Why They Matter and why We should take care of Them



 *** Keynote Lectures ***



Robert Cheaib (UCLy)

Between religious faith and existential trust



Ronan Sharkey (ICP)

Conditions of Trust and Betrayal: rules, virtues and forms of life



Teresa Bartolomei (UCP)

Trust in the Unexpected



Peter Howard, Australian Catholic University (ACU)

“A paradise inhabited by devils”: reflections on trust in Renaissance Florence



Gabriella Agrusti & Valeria Damiani (LUMSA)

Building Communities of Trust through Civic and Citizenship Education




 *** Students’ Presentations ***



Victoria BAUER, LUMSA-UCLy (Philosophy and Religion), 2022-2025

A minimal Notion of the Human Being – Macintyre’s “Dependent Rational Animals”



Cecilia BENASSI, LUMSA (Philosophy and Religion), 2022-2025

Pavel Florenskij – His Life and Work



Filippo BENEDETTI, LUMSA-ACU (History), 2020-2023

Divine Trust and National Sovereignty: Democracy, Theocracy and Institutions in the Islamic Republic of Iran



Pierangelo BIANCO, LUMSA-UCP (Philosophy and Religion), 2021-2024

The Cultural-linguistic Argument for Faith in the thought of George Lindbeck



Silvia CONTI, LUMSA-ICP (Philosophy and Religion), 2020-2023

Rebuilding trust. The Texture of Values and Images in Iris Murdoch



Francesca FIORETTI, LUMSA-UCP (Education), 2021-2024

Democratic school governance and organizational trust



Christophe HERZOG, LUMSA-UCP (Literature-Culture Studies), 2020-2023

Not a Wager: the Real Presence as a Question of Trust in George Steiner



Dany LÓPEZ GONZÁLEZ, PUC-ACU (Education), 2020-2023

Enhancing Validity in Genre-Based Assessment of Lab Reports for Tertiary Physics



Federico RUDARI, UCP-LUMSA (Culture Studies-Philosophy), 2021-2024

Embodied perception and aesthetic sense-making: the mediation role of space and architectural narratives in exhibition practices.



Jan Juhani STEINMANN, ICP-LUMSA (Philosophy and Religion), 2022-2025

Be who you become. The Possible, Impossible, and Real in Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, and Heidegger.



Jérémie SUPIOT, UCLy-LUMSA (Philosophy and Religion), 2021-2024

How to (re)build trust between universities and society. An epistemological inquiry on trust in the construction of scientific facts



Marco TASSELLA, LUMSA-UCLy (Philosophy and Religion), 2021-2024

Enhancing Moral Decision-Making: an Alternative Route



Gael TROTTMANN-CALAME, ICP- LUMSA (Philosophy and Religion), 2022-2025

Renewing trust in life : Dionysus or the affirmation of the human possible.



Costanza VIZZANI, LUMSA-PUC (Philosophy and Religion), 2022-2025

Female Empowerment and New Technologies. The Ethical Issues of Surrogacy and Ectogenesis